Gluten Free Review: Dough

I regularly visit some well known chain restaurants for gluten-free pizza so was excited to try out somewhere new.

I recently visited Dough in Bath on a quiet week day.  We were greeted by friendly staff and shown to a nice window table.

The restaurant itself had a lovely feel about it.  Funky lighting and a sparkly wall gave it a bit of flare and the comfy seating made it feel relaxed.

The staff were very attentive and came across as passionate about the food they served and very knowledgable on gluten free.  I found them to be very efficient, constantly on hand to answer any queries we had and kept our water glasses topped up, without being too intrusive.

I was surprised to see so many different types of pizza base on the menu, which I can imagine would be very exciting for a gluten eater!  The toppings on offer were also impressive – there was the usual margherita and pepperoni, but also some more lively options with proper Italian ingredients.

I chose the ‘smokey’ pizza which included ham, different cheeses and rosemary.  I was very impressed with the pizza base, completely cooked through, unlike other gluten-free ones I have tried, and a nice crispy edge.  The flavours worked really well together and the ingredients were fresh and succulent.

For pudding I had lemon sorbet with a shot of prosecco, which was delicious.  However, it is always disappointing when a restaurant has perfected their gluten-free main offerings, but then forget about the puddings – there are only so many ice creams and sorbets I want to eat!

I will definitely be returning here for a gluten-free pizza.


Rating: 8/10

14-16 The Corridor, Bath BA1 5AP


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