Gluten Free Edinburgh

I recently went on a weekend away to Edinburgh.  Before the trip I had searched online for lots of gluten free places to eat and had a few ideas, but I also wanted to explore and see what I came across.

We arrived in Edinburgh in the early afternoon, very hungry from a lack of gluten free food at the airport (no surprise there!)  Near our hotel was Rabbie’s cafe so we popped in to see what they had on offer. No gluten free bread but some delicious salads, soup and gluten free snacks (including my favourite snack – popcorn!)  I chose the bacon and sweetcorn soup which had the perfect balance of sweet and salty and was very filling. The staff were really knowledgeable and had a list of all the allergens that were present in all the soups.








For dinner we visited Kyloe, a smart steak restaurant on Rutland Street.  On arrival they had made a note of my dietary requirements from our reservation and gave me a gluten free menu straight away.  The restaurant was classy with a quirky cow theme and a relaxed atmosphere.  There were lots of options available to me which was a real treat.  I opted to have gluten free bread to start and was presented with a mini loaf served with a tangy betroot puree.  For my main course I had ribeye steak with beef dripping chips, green beans with garlic and chilli, and purple carrots.  The steak was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy.  The sides came neatly presented in separate dishes and were divine.  So full from all the delicious savoury food, I settled on a sorbet for pudding.  I am usually so fed up of sorbets when going out to eat, but this was the best sorbet I have ever eaten!  Not bland and watery like normal, these were thick and packed full of flavour.  Apple and chocolate were excellent, but champagne and blood orange was my favourite, the shard of chocolate was incredible too.  Although Kyloe isnt cheap, the food and service were outstanding and I would definitely recommend it for a treat or special occasion.









We stayed at the Apex Waterloo Place Hotel.  The hotel was in a great location and the room was wonderful, however breakfast was pretty poor.  I had eggs benedict which was okay, but it was disappointing to see so much choice for those able to eat gluten – cereal, bread, pastries and cake galore – with only fruit and the choice of a hot option for me as I had the full breakfast.

The next afternoon we visited Tupiniquim for lunch – a converted police box serving Brazilian pancakes which are gluten free.  With lots of different flavours to choose from, these pancakes did not disappoint!  I tried to order cheese and ham, but the chef pretty much refused and said “that’s boring” and I should “jazz it up!”  I gave her free reign to make it more interesting.  She added baby tomatoes and chilli sauce and it was delicious!  So light, yet filling – nothing like the stodgy pancakes I usually create myself – and great value for money considering the size of the pancakes.  I would fly back to Edinburgh just to eat them again!


Next dinner was Mamma’s Pizza.  A fantastic menu, which is predominantly gluten free.  I had 11 pizzas to choose from and countless extra toppings available.  I chose the BBQ one which, on arrival, appeared very anaemic.  However, it must just be the colour of the flour they use as it was well cooked and was perfectly smokey, it actually had a crisp bottom which is pretty rare in a gluten free pizza!  The sweet potato fries were also incredible.  Staff were friendly and really knew the menu well with regards to gluten, which was such a delight.


I had a fantastic (and very greedy) time in Edinburgh and didn’t struggle to find great places to eat at all.  Even the National Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh Zoo had gluten free biscuits in their cafes!  I would definitely recommend Edinburgh to anyone, it is a beautiful city full of history and creativity and I can’t wait to go back.  If anyone has any other Edinburgh recommendations I would love to hear about them for my next visit!




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