Gluten Free Technology


Technology is a saviour when you’re gluten free and its use has become a game changer in my day to day life.  It is now easier than ever to access a world of information on coeliac disease and a gluten free lifestyle.  Whether it’s finding a place to eat out or learning more about Coeliac Disease, here is how I use technology:


Websites are a great way of finding detailed information on coeliac disease and a gluten free diet, especially when first diagnosed.  They can be really helpful when you want to learn more about the condition and keeping up to date with new research.

NHS Choices

Coeliac UK

NICE Guidance

Beyond Coeliac


Remember to try and use accredited websites and that no online information can replace that of a medical professional assessing you personally.



Apps on your smartphone or tablet are a really handy way of having gluten free information right at your fingertips.

Gluten Free On The Move:  has lots of useful tips and information on shopping and eating out as well as a venue guide.

Gluten Free Food Checker:  allows you to scan the bar code of food to check if it is safe for you to eat based on your personal dietary restrictions.

Gluten-Free World:  features a map of gluten free places to eat from all over the world.



Blogs are a great way of gaining a personal insight into the lives of people following a gluten free diet and being able to learn from their experiences.  A whole host of gluten free blogs exist containing information on diet, lifestyle, travel, recommendations and recipes.

My favourites include:

The Gluten Free Blogger

Gluten Free Cuppa Tea



I absolutely love Instagram, it is a great way of sharing your own photos and browsing lots of delicious pictures of food.  I use it myself to share photographs of food I have enjoyed and as a way of recommending places to eat.

You can use hashtags such as #glutenfree and #coeliacdisease to find relevant photos and great food inspiration.

You can also search for restaurants and venues and look at their tagged photos to see customers’ real pics of the food instead of the ‘perfect’ ones they may have on their own websites.



I would love to hear from you if you can recommend any other tech tips to make the gluten free life that bit easier.


The above suggestions are sources that I have personally used or found helpful, however the information may not be appropriate for you and should be checked by you personally. Difficult Diner takes no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the information from any of the listed sources.


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