Gluten Free Review: Aqua Sana Spa – Longleat Forest

Situated in the peaceful grounds of Center Parcs in Wiltshire is the Aqua Sana Spa which I had the pleasure of visiting for a Morning Escape package.

Firstly let me say how AMAZING the spa was. There are so many different rooms to explore and it was such a relaxing experience. I absolutely loved chilling out on the heated loungers and being mesmerised by the coloured bubbles in the different meditation rooms. I was so relaxed on the water beds I think I drifted off to sleep!

As part of the spa day package a brunch is included. As you walk through the cafe on arrival you check in with the staff and pick a time slot to eat and inform them of any dietary requirements. The cafe itself is very canteen like and basic, however as all the clients are sat around in robes it is difficult to create a smart vibe! The huge windows showcasing the forest make up for this, creating a very bright and natural ambience.

My gluten free brunch came nicely presented on a long white platter and was made up of a grilled sandwich, strawberries, a chocolate brownie and an apple crumble slice. One sandwich consisted of bacon, cheese and tomato with a sweet chutney. The other was cucumber (should have also contained salmon however I asked for it without). Unlike most bread I have tried this was very soft which made for a delicate enjoyable sandwich. The chocolate brownie was rich and tasted fresh.

Overall, I would have expected a larger brunch for the price of the spa package and it would have been nice to have had some pastries to add a bit more variety. However, a day like this is all about the spa, not the food, so it is nice to see that gluten free visitors can still enjoy the full experience, it would just be nice if as much effort was put into our brunches as a ‘normal’ one.




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