Gluten Free Review: Carluccio’s


I have recently visited Carluccio’s restaurant in Bath on two occasions, once for breakfast and once for lunch. Knowing that their menu was accredited by Coeliac UK I had high expectations.

On both occasions I asked for the gluten free menu and was very impressed by the array of choices on offer. The staff did not ask me any questions about my dietary requirements but I had no trouble ordering from the gluten free menu and both my orders came as expected.

For breakfast I had pancetta and fried eggs on gluten free bread which was lovely. The bread was not stodgy as some gluten free breads can be. One of the eggs was slightly overcooked however this did not take away from the overall taste of the dish.

For lunch I had pasta carbonara which was delicious. The pasta is made from corn and chickpea flower and had a lot of taste unlike some other gluten free pastas I have tried. There was a generous amount of pancetta in the dish which is always a bonus!

The restaurant itself I felt was slightly lacking in atmosphere. Although the in-store shop is  very attractive the rest of the restaurant is very plain and almost canteen like. I would prefer it to have a little more character and feel more welcoming.

Overall, for a gluten free meal where you are not made to feel like a difficult diner, you cannot go wrong at Carluccio’s. With restaurants all over the UK it is definitely one to remember when you’re out and about looking for somewhere safe to eat.

Score 8/10




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