Chained Up

In an ideal world there wouldn’t be any chain restaurants, every restaurant we visited would be unique with exciting new flavours and creations to discover. However, we do not live in an ideal world and there is no getting away from chain restaurants, they are everywhere you go, but to someone following a free from diet, this is actually a godsend!

Once you get to know which restaurants can cater for your needs it is fantastic being able to pop into one on a high street knowing you’re in safe hands. That being said, don’t get complacent about your visit. Even if you visit a restaurant regularly it is important to check the menu each time as they are often updated and you should always inform your server about your needs so they can ensure the necessary precautions are taken.

Below is a list of my top 5 chain restaurants in the UK which I have had really positive gluten free experiences in and will go back to time and time again.


Chicken and chips, whats not to love? A ring binder folder of allergen information awaits you in the restaurant and their online menu highlights the different allergens in each item. Be sure to check the ingredients in the sauces before you smother your chicken.

4. Zizzi

A varied menu including delicious gluten free pizza which doesn’t have the typical soggy base. The chocolate melt pudding is a real luxury.

 3.Ed’s Easy Diner

A fun american style diner with a large gluten free menu including burgers and hot dogs (with buns!) The sweet potato fries are my favourite.


The menu includes pizza, pasta, risotto and grill dishes. The garlic, onion and mozzarella pizza bread starter is delicious (and big!)

1.Cote Brasserie 

My favourite chain restaurant for a gluten free meal. A vast menu means you don’t feel like you are missing out at all. Delicious steak frites and puddings. Have visited a few different restaurants and always found staff to be very friendly and knowledgable.

Chocolate melt from Zizzi





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